Why You Should Have A Responsive Website

Why You Should Have A Responsive Website

At Seventy2 Media every website we design is a responsive website, but why do we do this and is it important?

As technology evolves and we move to a more wireless and mobile society the less we use a desktop PC to browse the internet.  But as more people look online to find a product or service, having your Business at the forefront of this technological shift is vital.

What Is A Responsive Website

When we say a website is responsive it means it has a layout that adjusts to each different screen size and resolution.  This allows it to be viewed on any device without lowering the quality.

It is especially important to look good and be user friendly on smart phones due to the increase in usage of these devices to search the internet.

Why Is A Responsive Website Important?

It is now believed that over 50% of all website visits are on a mobile device and could be as high as 60%, which means it is now more important than ever to have a mobile responsive website.

If your website looks bad and is difficult to use on a mobile device then your potential customers will look elsewhere and you will lose business.

By having a responsive website your customers will have an optimal viewing experience and can access your products and services more easily whether they are using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and your site will continue to look great.

Having a responsive website is also important for search engine optimization (SEO).

In 2015 Google changed it’s search engine algorithm so mobile responsive websites are looked on more favorably and rank higher.

Responsive websites will load faster which is another factor for higher search engine ranking and helping drive more traffic to your website.

What If Your Website Is Not Responsive?

If you have a website that is not responsive then it is certainly worth considering investing in a new website.

Keeping your website fresh and up to date will improve your website ranking, bring in more traffic to your site and increase sales.

A small investment now can pay off for years to come.

If your require any information or advice regarding your current website or are looking for your first site then you are welcome to contact us here for a no obligation quotation.

You might find it is cheaper than you think to have a great responsive website.


Do You Need Website Management?

Do You Need Website Management?

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether you need website management?

If you have a WordPress website or are looking to get one, then your site will need to be kept updated so it continues to work properly and stays secure.

This can be done by yourself, an employee or you could hire your web designer to do it for you.

So what is the best option for your Business?

Self Management

If you have some knowledge of websites and the WordPress management system you might choose to manage your own website.

This might seem like the cheapest option but there are a few things to consider.

  • Keeping a website updated will take up some of your time and that time might be better spent working on your Business.
  • If you get some issues with your website that you can’t fix then having to hire a web designer to fix them can be expensive.
  • Unless you have very good knowledge of WordPress you might not know what is needed to keep your site secure and working well.


Getting An Employee To Do It

If you have an employee who has some WordPress knowledge, it is an option to get them to do it.  As usual though there are pro’s and con’s to this.

  • If your employee is working on your website, then they aren’t doing there normal job.  This can have an adverse effect on your Business depending on the type of Business you are in.
  • If they make an error and can’t fix it you would need to hire a web developer to fix the problem which could prove costly.
  • When the employee is off, your website might still need updating and if there is no one else who can do it your site could run into problems.


Hire The Web Designer To Do It

The safest option is to hire the person who designed your website to keep it updated.  This will ensure your website is in top condition and your web hosting could be included which can make it very cost effective.

  • The Web Designer knows your site inside out, which means they know your site better than anyone else.
  • Your web hosting could be included meaning you only have one person to contact for issues with your site or hosting.
  • Any additional work needed on your website can be included in your monthly plan helping you to manage your cash flow without any surprise bills!


However you decide to keep your site updated the one thing to remember is to do it regularly as a poorly maintained website can cause problems for your Business.

For information on our Website Management packages click here.  Or fill out the Contact Us form here.



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